If I upload an updated contact list with the original Phone Number 1 values, but all other values changed, will the original contacts will be updated rather than deleted?

Yes, we key off of the Phone Number 1 field. In order to avoid deleting contacts you wish to keep, you will need to upload the entire database; current contacts plus new contacts in one spreadsheet. So, you would use the file you originally uploaded, add contacts to it, and upload the entire file. If you no longer have the original file, you can download the saved database from AlertFirst into a .csv file (opens in Excel) by going to Contacts - Manage Contacts, and clicking Download Results. Just be sure to order the columns as Phone 1, First Name, Last Name, Phone 2, Phone 3, and Group. You can drag the columns into that order on the website, or order the columns in Excel once you've downloaded the database.

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