What is the required layout to upload contact information (phone number, name, address)?

The required field order is:

Phone Number 1 - Contact's primary phone number.  Must be unique within your file. (Required) 
First Name - Contact's first name (Optional)
Last Name - Contact's last name (Optional)
Phone Number 2 - Contact's alternate phone number (Optional)
Leave Blank
Leave Blank
Email 1 - Contact's email address (Optional)
Address - Contact's address (Required)
City - Contact's city (Required)
State - Contact's 2 character state abbreviation (Required)
Zip - Contact's 5 digit zip code (Required)

The two blank fields are used when uploading a non-mapping contact list, but are not needed here.  To keep the file formats the same for mapping and non-mapping files, just keep these two fields blank when uploading a mapping contacts file.

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