How do I create and upload a list of people to call, text and email?

Start by creating an Excel document containing all your contact information. This document must contain the following fields, in this order: Phone 1, First name, Last name, Phone 2, Phone 3, Dept/Team/Group, and Email 1.  The Phone 1 field is required, and the other fields are optional.  If you need to leave a column blank, that's okay, such as if you do not have phone numbers for the Phone 2 and Phone 3.  An Excel template for this can be found in the Document Library at the bottom of the page or in the pop-up box that appears when you choose to upload a list.

To upload this file into AlertFirst, select Contacts, Manage Contacts, and then Upload Database. You can insert, update, and delete your contact information by uploading files, or by manually editing contacts on the website. 

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