How does mapping work?

Mapping is something that few notification vendors offer, especially at such a low price point.  Basically, you can use our mapping feature to load where your contacts live or work.  Then, you can draw various shapes on the map, and call or text all of your contacts who live or work within the shapes you draw. 

Examples of how you can use this technology are:

  • At lunchtime, send coupons codes to your customers who work within a several mile radius of your restaurant
  • Let customers know about a new location or a sale at a location near where they live or work
  • Contact all the residents of a town to let them know about crime alerts, boil alerts, or other important information that impacts safety and health
  • Contact employees or organization members near road construction to let them know about traffic delays and detours
  • Send messages to employees based on your company’s geographic service territory

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