What do all the message result terms mean?

Phone call results:

  • Call Answered – A person answered the call
  • Answering Machine – An answering machine or voicemail answered the call
  • Invalid Contact Number – The phone number is not 10 digits
  • Busy – The line rang busy
  • Operator Intercept – A telephone company pre-recorded message answered, such as “This number is no longer in service.”
  • Ring No Answer – The phone rang, but no one answered
  • Fax Machine – The number you have is for a fax machine, not a person
  • Propagated Voice or Missing Voice – These errors are rare, and are due to an internal error on our end. If this ever occurs, it is a short, temporary problem
  • Cancelled – You, or another user, cancelled the message before we sent a call
  • Stale – We tried to make a call after the message stop time that you set. This error is very rare, and usually is due to a user making a large number of calls and setting the message stop time just a couple minutes after the start time
  • Other Failure – Generic error returned from a carrier
  • Pending - The call has not been made yet, or is now being dialed

Text message results:

  • Delivered Successfully – Successful attempt; message delivered
  • Missing/Invalid Contact Number – A cell phone number is not listed for a contact, or the number is more or less than 10 digits
  • Queued with Carrier for Delivery – Status will eventually be updated to success or failure, depending on how the carrier processes the call. This can occur when a phone has been turned off, for example
  • Unknown Carrier – This typically occurs if the number that the message is sent to is not a cell phone
  • Account Restriction – The contact’s cellular provider has a restriction on their account. This can occur if the individual is past due on their bill, or has used all of their prepaid messages
  • Unable to Deliver – A generic error returned from the carrier, usually resulting from one of the above other error types
  • Pending - The message has not been sent yet, or is now being sent 

Email results:

  • Pending -  The message has not been sent yet, or is now being sent 
  • Successful - Successfully sent email
  • Failed - Unable to deliver email

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