What information is included in the reporting?

The Summary Report page gives you the total number and percentage of message attempts that were successful and unsuccessful.  In a message that contained text messages you may also see any text message responses that were received in the Text Message Response Summary.

The Detailed Report page will display the results of the message. Here you can view the results of each attempt made to your contacts. It will also tell you the message type (e.g. Outdial to cell, Text to cell, Email etc.).  The results are broken down by type in individual rows. To find out who returned which results, click on the result type. If you were to click on the Call Answered result for example, you’ll now see a list of everyone who answered their calls. Clicking the Show All Columns button allows you to see additional information about the contact. This includes all available information listed for that individual, in the Hosted Contacts Database, in the uploaded file, etc.

To download a copy of this report for your own records, click Download Results.

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