What is the difference between the opt-in keyword set up during account registration and auto-reply keywords that can be purchased for 100 credits per month?

The opt-in keyword is the keyword that you ask your contacts to text to the short code in order for them to receive text messages from you.  Contacts will receive a system generated confirmation text stating they have opted in to receive text messages from you.  After they’ve opted in, you have permission to text them messages relevant to your business/organization, such as closing or cancellations, sales or promotions, or meeting reminders.  You can change your opt-in keyword at any time under Manage Account.

Separate from the opt-in keyword, you can purchase auto-reply keywords that you set up to automatically send text messages back to contacts when they text that keyword to the short code.  It is important to note that with this feature contacts are only requesting one-time information from you on a particular topic, not opting in to receive on-going text messages from you.  

You can create multiple messages for your keyword, and toggle between the auto replies using the Connect/Disconnect button.  For example, if you are a coach of a baseball team, you might reserve the keyword GAMESTATUS.  You could create two replies to this keyword, one reply saying the game is on, and the other reply saying the game has been canceled due to bad weather.  If the game is on, you would connect the “game on” reply to the keyword so that if parents or players text GAMESTATUS to the short code, they get the reply telling them the game is on.

You can reserve your keyword under Manage Account, and set up the message you want to go out for that keyword under the Manage Text Message Auto-Reply Messages tab under Messages.

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