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  1. Are there limits to how many people I can send messages to at once?

  2. Buy Credits and View Your Account Transaction History

  3. Can a contact be a member of multiple groups and queries?

  4. Can AlertFirst publish my message on my Facebook or Twitter page?

  5. Can I call phone numbers with extensions?

  6. Can I change my opt-in keyword?

  7. Can I control the number of calls to go out within a specified amount of time?

  8. Can I create/manage multiple groups and queries?

  9. Can I have multiple users on my account?

  10. Can I include pictures, graphics, and attachements in the email?

  11. Can I make the caller ID be letters or words?

  12. Can I schedule messages to go out later?

  13. Can I see my undelivered emails?

  14. Can I see responses to text messages / Can my contacts send me replies to text messages?

  15. Can I see which contacts received the message and which did not?  

  16. Can I see who unsubscribed from email?

  17. Can I send a message when not near a PC?

  18. Can I send international calls?

  19. Can I send international text messages?

  20. Can I send the same message to multiple groups?

  21. Can I set the "From" email address?

  22. Can I set the caller ID?

  23. Can I set up the number of retries for each phone call?

  24. Can I specify my username, and make it be anything I want?

  25. Can I tell if I have bad numbers on my list?

  26. Can I text anyone?

  27. Can I upload a list that I purchased?

  28. Can I use the mapping feature if my contact list does not include addresses?

  29. Can I view which recipients have opted in or out of receiving text messages?

  30. Check Your Opt-in List and Auto-Replies

  31. Connect and Disconnect Keywords

  32. Create and Manage Your System Users

  33. Create and Save Messages For Later Use

  34. Create and View Your Reports

  35. Do credits expire?  

  36. Do I have to type out my message even if I'm uploading a .wav file or recording my own message instead of using the text-to-speech feature?

  37. Do you have a customer support phone number?

  38. Does AlertFirst circumvent Tele-Zappers?

  39. Does AlertFirst integrate with Do Not Call (DNC) lists?

  40. Does it cost my contacts to receive messages from me?

  41. Does my account expire?

  42. How can I promote my opt-in keyword and short code online?

  43. How do credits work?

  44. How do I add more credits to my account?

  45. How do I contact customer support?

  46. How do I create a group?

  47. How do I create a message?

  48. How do I create a query?

  49. How do I create and upload a list of people to call, text and email?

  50. How do I create and upload a mapping contact list?

  51. How do I edit/modify a contact list?

  52. How do I get started?

  53. How do I link AlertFirst to my social media accounts?

  54. How do I reserve a keyword?

  55. How do I reset my username and/or password?

  56. How do I update my credit card information?

  57. How do I upload a list of new contacts without deleting the contacts I've already uploaded?

  58. How do my contacts opt-in or opt-out of receiving text messages?

  59. How do my contacts opt-out of receiving email messages?

  60. How does mapping work?

  61. How does the “Retries” feature works under “Phone Call Delivery Options”?

  62. How fast is AlertFirst message delivery?

  63. How long can my message be?

  64. How long can text messages be?

  65. How long does it take to geo-code addresses?

  66. How long will it take to get a response?

  67. If I cancel my account or if my account expires, do I get a refund for unused credits?

  68. If I delete contacts then upload them again, will they still be opted in to be able to receive text messages from AlertFirst?

  69. If I upload an updated contact list with the original Phone Number 1 values, but all other values changed, will the original contacts will be updated rather than deleted?

  70. If the administrator deletes the entire database, are the opt-ins deleted as well? Will all the contacts would have to opt-in again?

  71. Is my data secure with AlertFirst?

  72. Is there a way for the recipient of a AlertFirst phone call to repeat the pre-recorded message?

  73. Is there a way to terminate a phone call/email/text alert that has been activated?

  74. Is there an audit trail to track different account users and their activity?  

  75. Manage Your Contact Groups and Queries

  76. Manage Your Hosted Contacts

  77. Manage Your Mapping Contacts

  78. Manage Your Mapping Selections

  79. Renew A Keyword

  80. Reserve a Keyword

  81. Reset Your Password

  82. Send Messages to Saved Mapping Selections

  83. Set Up Facebook and Twitter

  84. Set Up Your Account Settings

  85. What are alternate contacts?

  86. What communication channels does AlertFirst support?

  87. What do all the message result terms mean?

  88. What happens if I have duplicate phone numbers in my contact list?  

  89. What happens if I run out of credits?  

  90. What happens when a number is busy or there is no answer?

  91. What happens when someone texts STOP or QUIT?

  92. What if I forgot my password?

  93. What if I want to change or cancel my account?

  94. What information is included in the reporting?

  95. What information should I provide when I report a problem with calls or texts?

  96. What is a keyword?

  97. What is a shapefile?

  98. What is a short code?

  99. What is geo-coding? 

  100. What is text-to-speech (TTS)?

  101. What is texting messaging/SMS?

  102. What is the 'Alternate text message/page message'?

  103. What is the difference between a group and a query?

  104. What is the difference between an administrative user and a basic user?

  105. What is the difference between the opt-in keyword set up during account registration and auto-reply keywords that can be purchased for 100 credits per month?

  106. What is the PIN field in Manage System Users?

  107. What is the required layout to upload contact information (phone number, name, address)?

  108. What is the supported shapefile format, and how do I upload a shapefile?

  109. What methods of payment are available for buying credits?

  110. What reporting is available for email?

  111. When people text an auto-reply keyword, are they also opting in to receive text messages from me?

  112. Where can I view how many auto-replies I've sent?

  113. Which web browsers does AlertFirst support?

  114. Which wireless carriers do you support for texting?

  115. Why did my message get cut off on an answering machine/voicemail?

  116. Why do I get an error message saying I can't record a message?

  117. Why does my credit card keep getting declined?

  118. Why doesn't the password reset link in my email message work?

  119. Why is there canned verbiage about message rates at the end of all of my text messages?

  120. Will AlertFirst leave a message on an answering machine or voicemail?  

  121. Will my data (contact list or information) be sold or distributed?

  122. Will undelivered messages count against my credits?

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